Is Obama a Keynesian?

I realize everybody else in the world has already posted this, but just in case mine is the only blog you read:

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Hat tip to our frequent commenter Ken B., who pointed me to this before everyone else had posted it.


5 Responses to “Is Obama a Keynesian?”

  1. 1 1 Thomas Bayes

    I’ve been on the road and haven’t been keeping up lately, so this is the first place I’ve seen it. Very funny.

    Is that Paul Krugman taking a photograph about 15 seconds into the video?

  2. 2 2 Baxter

    This post prompted me to look up the proper pronunciation of “Keynesian.” Since Keynes apparently pronounced his name like “Canes” with a long “a” (ā), the standard pronunciation of “Keynesian” is kān’zē-ən. That’s not how the interviewer in the video pronounced it (although this doesn’t explain the confusion of the people being interviewed).

  3. 3 3 Steve Landsburg

    Baxter: I have long had the impression that all Americans say “Canesian” and all Canadians say “C’neesian”.

  4. 4 4 Cos

    The earlier copy of this video got marked “private” on YouTube, though there’s now a re-post of it at

    When I saw this, it made me really wish I’d encountered this guy in person. On the other hand, it made me wonder whether it would’ve mattered – maybe he did a lot of cherry-picking to come up with these clips. Still, if I’d encountered him in person, then I’d *know* :)

    P.S. To answer the question, I think Obama is a skeptical Keynesian-leaner.

  5. 5 5 Seth

    As I posted on one of the other sites that posted this, props to the gentlemen at 1:13 in. 1) He knew the sign referred to economic policies. 2) He said he didn’t know what Obama’s economic policies were and he can’t answer the question.

    If more people in this country followed the example in #2 and didn’t go off half-cocked like the lady featured throughout the video, I think we could get somewhere with political discourse. Unfortunately, most people seem to think they are experts in just about every subject where there’s no direct cost for them being wrong and we won’t take the simple steps to stay calm, find out the facts and use our noggins.

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