Call for Technical Support

WordPress (which provides the software that drives this blog) provides me with a button that says “delete all spam”. I keep pushing the button, but I’ve noticed that there’s still spam on the Internet. Do I just have to push harder, or what?

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11 Responses to “Call for Technical Support”

  1. 1 1 Sam

    The most playful I’ve seen you so far Steve

  2. 2 2 David Pinto

    Stop! You’re deleting the wrong spam! I was at Costco yesterday and saw an entire pallet of the canned meat wink out of existence.

  3. 3 3 Ken B

    Steve: Call the help desk and tell them your universal quantifier needs replacing.

  4. 4 4 turang
  5. 5 5 dave

    one mans spam is anothers bread and butter.

  6. 6 6 GregS

    Love it! Thanks for this, Steve.

  7. 7 7 Doctor Memory

    If only!

    (Sadly, spam is an economic issue, and one that is unlikely to ever go away absent a complete reworking of the basic plumbing of the internet in a way that none of us would actually like.)

  8. 8 8 Silas Barta

    This is actually one of the smarter things Steve_Landsburg has said.

  9. 9 9 Will A

    Prof. Landsburg:

    Here is my half joking/half serious reply to your half joking/half serious post would be why do want to eliminate spam on the internet?

    I see no problem with you deciding to use a service that blocks e-mail you don’t want to receive. This is your choice.

    But why do you want to eliminate all spam.

    The folks using spam to build wealth are probably not getting many government subsidies. They seem to be good examples of extremely lean money making machines.

    Of course the best solution to spam would be to use a National Don’t E-mail registry where any company selling products via e-mail would need to register itself with the government. U.S. citizens could register their e-mails that should not get solicitations.

    This way our tax dollars can be used to fund a government program that hinders businesses by both forcing them to register with the government and prevent them doing business. Our tax dollars could also be used to prosecute businesses trying to build wealth.

    Anyway thanks for the post. I need to get going. I just won $ 100,000 and all I need to do is to send a $ 500 money-gram to Nigeria to claim my prize.

  10. 10 10 Mike H

    I notice WordPress just released version 3.1. Upgrade and try again.

  11. 11 11 Adam

    You have to wait for the man in the fedora to come and explain that you can push the button to stop the spam, but if you do someone will die.

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