Goodnight to the Street Sweepers, Night Watchmen, Flame Keepers…

More great music, a propos of nothing in particular:

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(YouTube version here.)

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6 Responses to “Goodnight to the Street Sweepers, Night Watchmen, Flame Keepers…”

  1. 1 1 HH

    Possibly my favorite song, with perhaps the greatest lyrics in recent history.

    And it’s a battered old suitcase
    To a hotel someplace
    and a wound that will never heal…

  2. 2 2 Harold

    The program was called the Old Grey Whistle Test. Apparently, the music writers of tin pan alley (or London’s Denmark St.) would either play songs to doormen, who they called the old greys, or wait for the cleaning staff (older people) to arrive after other office workers had left. If the writers heard the old greys whistling a tune, it had passed the old grey whistle test. Sounds a bit made up to me.

  3. 3 3 Ken B

    Wonderful stuff. You have atoned for the Judi Collins link :)

    Here’s another old song in dance rhythm, by another gravelly voiced fellow

    Words and lyrics by Irving Berlin, charm by Leon Redbone.

  4. 4 4 Ken B

    Ken B: “Words and lyrics by Irving Berlin”

    Oops. Forgot to add, music and notes by Irving Berlin.

  5. 5 5 nobody.really

    [M]usic and notes by Irving Berlin.

    Ha — good catch! But, after all, we shouldn’t assume the one implies the other. Recall the words of Garrison Keillor:

    “How do you slow down a banjo player? Put a musical score in front of him.

    How do you stop a banjo player? Put notes on the score.”

  6. 6 6 Ken B

    @nobody.really: I had to think about that for 4 minutes 33 seconds …
    [insert rather arcane smiley here]

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