Which Of the Following Does Not Belong?

Following in the footsteps of Jeb Bush, Alan Simpson, Erskine Bowles, James Carville, Mary Matalin, George F. Will, Tony Snow, John Bolton, Tommy Franks, Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, Morton Kondracke, Christopher Hitchens, Walter Cronkite, Clarence Thomas, Queen Noor of Jordan and Milton Friedman, I will be delivering the Hatton Sumners Distinguished Lecture in Dallas this Friday. Join us if you’re free! Registration is here.

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17 Responses to “Which Of the Following Does Not Belong?”

  1. 1 1 Harold

    Dallas is inconvenient for me on Friday, but thanks anyway. Are we supposed to answer the question?

  2. 2 2 Daniel R. Grayson

    Congratulations! What is your title?

  3. 3 3 Doctor Memory

    Demand that they disinfect the podium thoroughly: Bolton might well have touched it.

  4. 4 4 Ian

    Simple. The odd one out is Queen Noor of Jordan…the only name different from others stated.:)

  5. 5 5 Advo

    That’s a list of non-economists with the exception of Friedman?

  6. 6 6 Henri Hein

    I thought Christopher Hitchens and Queen Noor both stood out, for inverse reasons. Hitchens was born a UK citizen, but naturalized here in the US. Queen Noor was born American, but renounced her citizenship. I believe the others on the list are lifelong Americans.

    I will miss you in Dallas and hoping you will come to the Bay Area sometime.

  7. 7 7 Al V.

    Clarence Thomas is the only judge, among other distinctions.

  8. 8 8 Al V.

    @Advo, Friedman WAS the exception, but once Steve speaks he won’t be any more.

  9. 9 9 anonym

    Queen Noor is the exception in that she’s the only one anyone (at least about half the audience) would watch speak even if there were no audio.

    But she’s even more attractive when speaking. An articulate, thoughtful women who is also that pretty is about as good as it gets.

  10. 10 10 anonym

    I wonder if Bowles and Simpson spoke together. Same for Carville and Matalin. And for that matter, Barnes and Kondracke.

    Those pairs always seem joined at the hip.

  11. 11 11 Will A

    I didn’t know that Milton Friedman had a queen.

  12. 12 12 anonym

    Re: my #9, actually I was thinking of Queen Rania. But Queen Noor has always been very pretty for her age.

  13. 13 13 Harold

    Will A #11 – a good case for the Oxford comma.

  14. 14 14 Yancey Ward

    Think wheel tracks instead of footsteps?

  15. 15 15 Curt Frisbie

    Steve: the Eisenhower book we discussed is “The White House Years” by Jim Newton. Enjoyed your talk in Dallas. Curt

  16. 16 16 Yancey Ward

    Since the thread is apparently dead, I will conclude my answer- Charles Krauthammer is the odd duck in this listing- he made no footsteps to be followed when he was the lecturer- he is a paraplegic.

  17. 17 17 Harry

    Well, I sure wish I could be there, Steve. I will have to retread your list to solve the puzzle you posed, but maybe Milton Friedman is the only one who has his picture posted in the hall outside your office.

    We expect a full YouTube rebroadcast of this.

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