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Too Many People?

While most Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, I’ll be in London, giving the annual Hayek Memorial Lecture sponsored by the Institute of Economic Affairs. Topic: Is the World Over or Under Populated, and How Would We Know? Tickets are required but free, and are available here. If you come to the talk, don’t leave without saying hello!

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Robin Hanson!!

If you happen to be in the Rochester, New York area, you’ll want to know that the esteemed Robin Hanson, proprietor of the endlessly fascinating Overcoming Bias blog will be delivering the Lawrence Goldberg Memorial lecture, based on his new book The Age of Em this Monday, April 18, at 7:30 PM in Dewey 1-101 on the University of Rochester campus. The general public is warmly welcome.

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Social Notes From All Over

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The undergraduate Finance and Economics Council here at the University of Rochester held an event at my house last week, which included pizza, informal chat with professors, a rationality test (out of 31 students, exactly one scored a perfect 5 and one scored a perfect zero), a selfie shot or two, and some time on the aerial silks, where three students were brave enough to go up in the air — and each of them accomplished more in under ten minutes than I accomplished in my first ten weeks. The evidence:

Demo Lance Floto
Front Salto Dive

Juan Bernardo Tobar
Front Salto Dive
Lev Bokeria
Crossback Straddle

Thanks to Council president Shucen Wu for making this happen, to Zach Taylor for the video, and to everyone who participated. We should do this again.

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Which Of the Following Does Not Belong?

Following in the footsteps of Jeb Bush, Alan Simpson, Erskine Bowles, James Carville, Mary Matalin, George F. Will, Tony Snow, John Bolton, Tommy Franks, Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, Morton Kondracke, Christopher Hitchens, Walter Cronkite, Clarence Thomas, Queen Noor of Jordan and Milton Friedman, I will be delivering the Hatton Sumners Distinguished Lecture in Dallas this Friday. Join us if you’re free! Registration is here.

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Upcoming Events

Friday March 1 Tuesday, March 5 (note date change!): Our occasional commenter Sierra Black will discuss polyamory on the Katie Couric show; 3PM eastern time in many cities, but check local listings.

Monday, March 4, 5:30PM: I’ll be speaking in the Economic Liberty Lecture Series, sponsored by the Future of Freedom Foundation, at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I’m a little unclear on the exact location; this link and this link seem to contradict each other — but they do both give phone numbers to call for further information. Admission is free.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

I gave a series of four talks last week at Cato University; only the first of them was broadcast by C-SPAN, and you can watch it here. (The title was “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, meaning the story of economic growth.)

Much of this material will look familiar to those who have watched other videos recently posted in this space, but I think it comes together a little better in this one. The remaining lectures contained more in the way of new material, and I’m hoping to be able to post at least some video excerpts in the near future.

There were a lot of fabulous talks at this event by such luminaries as Tom Palmer (here and here) and the extraordinary Robert McDonald, who held the audience in thrall with his gripping three-part series on the history of the American revolution (not, unfortunately, online, even in part).

If you missed it, there’s always next year!

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Gathering for Gardner

gardnerIf you like this blog, then you either are or should be a fan of the late Martin Gardner, the long-time “Mathematical Games” columnist for Scientific American. On the 21st of October (what would have been Gardner’s 96th birthday), “Gatherings for Gardner” will take place around the world, where fans can share their favorite puzzles, ideas, magic tricks and reminiscences in what’s being billed as a global “celebration of mind”. You’re welcome to attend one of these events — or to host one.

(Potential attendees would surely benefit from a list of locations in lieu of having to navigate that idiotic map, but that’s what’s there.)

It was at a previous Gathering for Gardner that puzzle designer Gary Foshee posed his notoriously tricky probability puzzle about the mom with a son born on a Tuesday. (Spoilers here.) If you host or attend a gathering, do come back here and share your favorite finds.

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