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Too Many People?

It was both an honor and a pleasure to deliver the annual Hayek Lecture at the Institute for Economic Affairs last week. Here’s the video:

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Pretty Good Ad

This blog does not endorse any candidate for anything, and will never be shy about decrying nonsense, no matter the source. That said, this is an ad worth watching:

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More Sex and More Sex

In England last month, I had the privilege of speaking to two fabulous audiences.

The Warwick Economics Conference is an entirely student-run affair that draws several hundred students from the University of Warwick and all over Europe to hear over a dozen talks about economics and related subjects, and to hobnnob with the speakers and each other. I had the chance to talk to a lot of these students one-on-one and I was absolutely blown away by their cleverness, their thoughtfulness, and their eagerness to tackle hard problems. On Saturday night, I sat up until far into the early morning chatting with a dozen or so of these kids, and I’d have happily gone on longer if they hadn’t eventually thrown us out of the building.

Then a few days later, I gave pretty much the same talk all over again to another bright and enthusiastic audience at the Adam Smith Institute. Once again, I had a blast talking to these people before and afterwards.

Below the fold you’ll find video of both talks. They’re almost identical, except that the Warwick talk includes pictures of my family. I’m disappointed that in both cases, the lively Q&A sessions have been deleted from the videos. (I do sometimes talk on other topics as well! See here for example.)

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Travel and other projects have kept me absent for a couple of weeks, but I’m hoping to be back on a regular blogging schedule very soon now. Meanwhile, here is the video of the Gosnell Lecture that I recently gave at the Rochester Institute of Technology, titled “More Sex is Safer Sex and Other Surprises”.

One of the surprises turned out to be that the audiovisual equipment didn’t work, so I didn’t get to show my prepared slides. But I think things went pretty well anyway.

Slightly higher quality video is here.

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