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The Case Against The Case Against Education

I am quite unqualified to review Bryan Caplan’s blockbuster The Case Against Education, by virtue of the fact that I have not (yet) found time to read all of it. But I think I have a pretty good idea what’s in it, and an even better idea of what others are saying is in it. So this will be a review not of Bryan’s book, but of the various paraphrases that are floating around the internet. Those paraphrases might or might not be accurate representations of Bryan’s thinking, but they deserve to be treated as arguments in their own right. So this will be a review of those arguments.

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Hanushek Tonight

With apologies for the late notice: Eric Hanushek of Stanford University, the great pioneer in the applications of economics to evaluating educational policies, will speaking tonight in Wegmans Hall, room 1400, on the University of Rochester campus. The general public is invited.

Title: Can we put a Price on Student Achievement? Financial Returns for Academic Success

The event will begin promptly at 6:30PM. The general public is welcome.