Weekend Roundup

This week we completed our three-part series on efficiency. The three posts covered a lot of ground, but here were the major themes:

First, why we should care about efficiency.

Second, why the efficiency criterion is sometimes incoherent, why those episodes of incoherence are fortunately rare, and why efficiency therefore remains, in most cases, a good guide to policy.

Third, why our instinctive recoil from cold-blooded efficiency is often misplaced.

We also revisited last week’s probability puzzle and reposted some past videos in a new improved format.

I am off in the woods and largely away from the Internet for the rest of the weekend, so I might be a little slow to see your comments, but rest assured that I’ll all get read—and that I’ll be back on Monday.

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2 Responses to “Weekend Roundup”

  1. 1 1 Cos

    You put the same URL in the second and third efficiency links. The URL for the third efficiency post is actually in the “revisited” link.

  2. 2 2 Steve Landsburg

    Cos: I’ve fixed this. Thanks.

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