Truth In Advertising

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9 Responses to “Truth In Advertising”

  1. 1 1 Bennett Haselton
  2. 2 2 Harold

    Are you seeing a few castles between creameries?

  3. 3 3 Sol

    My favorite truth in advertising sign (which may be gone now) was the billboard along I-94 in Indiana advertising the “Only Spanish Restaurant in Indiana”! Not the best, or the tastiest; the only.

  4. 4 4 Steve Landsburg

    Harold: The photo is from June, 2011. I meant to post it at the time but somehow forgot.

  5. 5 5 Yancey Ward

    Steve’s best blog post this month so far!

  6. 6 6 nobody.really

    Vaguely reminiscent of “Oklahoma is OK.”

  7. 7 7 Steve Landsburg

    nobody.really: You’ve reminded me of the long-ago contretemps in Iowa, where the then-governor wanted to adopt a new state slogan: “Iowa—A State of Mind”. This was wildly unpopular, and the Des Moines Register sponsored a contest for something better. The two I remember are “Iowa—A State of Vegetables” and “Iowa—Gateway to Nebraska”.

  8. 8 8 Harold

    I guess the Iowan’s have a sense of humor anyway.

  9. 9 9 iceman

    Slogan for Decatur, IL: “we like it here”

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