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The undergraduate Finance and Economics Council here at the University of Rochester held an event at my house last week, which included pizza, informal chat with professors, a rationality test (out of 31 students, exactly one scored a perfect 5 and one scored a perfect zero), a selfie shot or two, and some time on the aerial silks, where three students were brave enough to go up in the air — and each of them accomplished more in under ten minutes than I accomplished in my first ten weeks. The evidence:

Demo Lance Floto
Front Salto Dive

Juan Bernardo Tobar
Front Salto Dive
Lev Bokeria
Crossback Straddle

Thanks to Council president Shucen Wu for making this happen, to Zach Taylor for the video, and to everyone who participated. We should do this again.

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6 Responses to “Social Notes From All Over”

  1. 1 1 Jonathan Kariv

    If I generate 31 binomial n=5, p=0.5 random variables then we’d more or less expect to see 1 5 and 1 zero (31 is close to 32). Was the distribution of scores roughly what we’d expect from a binomial? If so was there any kind of correlation between which questions where gotten right and which where gotten wrong (e.g. I can imagine the 5 people who got 1 question right all getting the same one right)?

  2. 2 2 Steve Landsburg

    Jonathan Kariv:

    I don’t know the distribution. I asked “How many scored five?” and “How many scored zero?”, and each time one hand went up. That’s all I know.

  3. 3 3 Bob Murphy

    Looks like Steve Landsburg ∈ {1%}

  4. 4 4 Bill

    Beautiful room.

  5. 5 5 Harold

    Have the questions on the rationality test been put up here? If not, how about a test for us?

    Is it rational to reveal to your prof that you scored zero on a rationality test?

  6. 6 6 dave

    ill say. that’s a freaking fireplace, eh?
    I don’t think ill ever be that smart.

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